Automotive® Executive Search
Our method is your guarantee of speed!

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the automobile business, its structure, and its segments, AUTOMOTIVE CONSULT® always knows where to find exactly the right candidate for any vacancy in your company.

In the end, it's only the result that counts

The optimal result of a recruitment assignment is a candidate who is up to the job, who fits into your organisation quickly and permanently, and who pays off from the very start. In order to achieve this, we study both the candidates and the client in depth and make a point of getting to know the client's corporate culture. Our commitment to our clients goes further than our fees.

A good candidate stays

But we don't stop at recruitment. Once our candidates have been taken on, we continue to monitor their integration in your company, at close range. Because a good candidate is a candidate who stays. Practice has shown that the first few months are decisive. Taking the feedback of the candidate into account and in mutual consultation with you, we can draw up an integration plan. Precisely because we invest so much time in the pre-selection and post-recruitment stages, we can offer you our unique integration guarantee.

The procedure

Your first contact and any offers that may result from it are absolutely free of engagement.

When you give us an assignment, we charge a modest start fee. Then we go in search of candidates, not stopping until we have achieved the desired results. Only then do we send our final bill, for the sum agreed on beforehand. This is a method which AUTOMOTIVE CONSULT® can afford, as it knows the automotive business well enough to assess the feasibility of the objectives.

Anything you discuss with us is fully confidential, unless you give us your explicit permission to use your information for other purposes.

We do not ask you for more data than strictly necessary to carry out your assignment.


Your first confidential contact does not commit you to anything, but it is very likely to be the start of a fruitful collaboration with positive, measurable results.

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